Tech This Out: Microsoft Surface Laptop

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<binary> Whoever said you can’t put a price on aesthetic lied, and you probably just found out that tragic truth within the past 24-48hours. If so, I’m glad that you’re here so that I can mend away those trust issues before they seep in too deep. If you are just joining us, then I’m glad you are also here so that I can save you the heartbreak. So let’s begin.

This past Tuesday, Microsoft debuted the launch of their very first official “laptop.” It technically is their first laptop since the Surface book was basically a large tablet with a keyboard attached docking station. Now, the only Surface Laptops that really matter are the three leading ladies I like to call the Chaka (Burgundy), the Celine (Cobalt Blue), and the Adele (Graphite Gold). For $1299, they are only available within the Intel i5 Core Processor with 8GM RAM and 256GB SSD option. So to my point earlier, aesthetic comes with an additional price of $300 to the misleading price announcements of “Starting at $999.” I say misleading because more than likely you’ve seen photos of the colorful laptops but none of them are available at that acclaimed low price point and also isn’t stated upfront so that it’s clear.

Aesthetic is the more than likely the leading factor that Microsoft is using to drive in demand and sales for the beautifully designed laptops to appeal college students. Apple’s been doing with the Rose Gold and Gold Aluminum Macbooks, but they can’t even compare to the bold colors of the Surface Laptops. The specs of the laptop are pretty standard to what I would look for in a laptop. The laptop is 13.5inches, very similar to my 13in Macbook Pro, but has a much slimmer bottom. The Surface Laptop is definitely slim, clean and elegant with a full-body color. The keyboard and palm rest is made with their Signature Alcantara®, which is described to feel like a feathery-fabric that’s velvet like, and is claimed to specially treat and resist late night Redbull or Starbucks spills, makeup transfer stains, and is easy to wipe clean. The laptop comes with their PixelSense Display technology that allows interactive touchscreen. The Surface Laptop is also suggested to be perfect for photographs, videos, reports, and presentations.

You can enjoy a crisp, clear audio experience listening to Spotify or binge-streaming “The Defenders” this August on Netflix thanks to Omnisonic Speakers with radiant omnidirectional sound and Dolby Audio Premium. If the divas didn’t have a big enough ego already, they also are built to have a battery life of up to 14.5 hours. So whether you left your charger all the way across campus in your room after you’ve already hiked to the library or just made yourself comfortable in your bed for a Friday night “Sex and the City” binge marathon (with snacks) and don’t feel like getting up to grab the charger, you should be fine and not worry too much. For those who have their eye on the Chaka or the the Celine but prefer to use a bluetooth mouse, Microsoft also debuted the Surface Arc Mouse which designed to conform to your hand — and snaps flat to fit easily in your bag. The computer is also compatible with their Surface Dial (for off-screen interaction only).

The Surface Laptop also comes with Windows’ latest Operating System (OS) Windows 10S which was made specifically for those in the education market as a security mechanism. Windows 10S is strictly only allows apps to be downloaded from the Windows Store. Which basically means, that you’d be stuck only using Internet Explorer as your browser since both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are frenemies to Explorer. Luckily, for those who buy the Surface Laptop by Dec. 31, 2017 and need to use professional tools or would rather run non-Store apps, can easily and affordably upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for FREE. So be sure that you get yours in time so that you can take advantage of the Free.99 upgrade because by 2018 you will have to chuck up $49 to get out of Microsoft’s “Parental Controls” #theworst

For those of you prefer minimalist and simplicity, the Surface book is available in it’s prime color the Sade (Platinum) is the only colorway that has four options to purchase/pre-order:

$999 for Intel Core i5 + 4GB RAM/128GB SSD (Ships by 6/15/17)
$1299 for Intel Core i5 + 8GB RAM/256GB SSD (Ships by 6/15/17)
$1599 for Intel Core i7 + 8GB RAM/256GB SSD (Ships by 6/15/17)
$2199 for Intel Core i7 + 16GB RAM/512GB SSD (Ships by 8/15/17)

Overall, Microsoft has done a remarkable job at slowly seducing me and peaking my interest in their latest releases. I still would need to know despite all it’s specs, how well could this laptop handle my 20tab in each 2 web browser windows, while alternating between listening to Spotify, catching up on Silicon Valley on HBO GO, editing photos on Lightroom and Photoshop via Adobe Creative Cloud, and doing my programming assignments on eclipse. I’m a woman who laptops and laptops a lot, so I hope I’ll get a chance to get my QTNA…answered.

Also, go check out the review tech youtuber, Krystal Key, did on the Surface Laptop above. Definitely subscribe to her channel for high-quality videos on all things tech and her amazing personality too. Until next time… </beauty>