Binary Tracks: Our Sweet September Mornings Playlist



I don’t know what it is, but there is just something so refreshing about september in the daytime. As this is completely new feeling to me, because I, too, once sung, “wake me up when september ends” at the top of my lungs; not this year. One a few days in and I can feel such a dramatic difference in how the sun shines, the former scorching blue sky now seems warmer, not in temperature but in feeling. The sky feels as though it’s welcoming me outside. The light has a softer tinge to it; it just f e e l s different. It feels like the birth of Fall. It’s amazing how a season can be described as a resonating emotion, a painted canvas of memories that exist and some drawn up as a blueprint in our mind on what’s to come.


On this sweet september morning, the sun still comes out to play before 7am while the faded shade of green on the leaves still on the tree grace my sight with a waltz in the wind. I can feel where my body has left its imprint in the mattress and the white lined sheets tangled between my limbs. I feel serene, cool, and on a cloud. Wooden elements to feel at home with minimal effort. Relaxed. I take a breath and inhale my sweetest moment to breathe. To be one; to be present. Welcome to this sweet september morning. </binarybeauty>

And it goes a little something like this…