Binary Beauty is Taking Over Spotify in New York City for The Opening Act


<<binary> In exactly 1 week, I will be heading off to the streets of New York City as one of the 80 selected attendees of Spotify’s inaugural HBCU Conference, “The Opening Act’, for students interested in music and music tech. I am still in disbelief that I was chosen out of 1,000 students. For the duration of the trip, all of our accommodations are fully taken care of including: airfare, transportation to/from airport (in NYC), food, hotel, and badge access into Spotify’s NYC Headquarters. I haven’t received our official itinerary yet, but we were told that the line-up of speakers is AMAZING. The program was made possible by Howard Alum, Bianca St. Louis and Elyse from Spotify. Their goal for the program is to introduce tech as it intersects with innovation and culture. If there is diversity in an app or tech company, it’s Spotify because for the wide varieties of genres, artists, and music that spans the world. Bianca and Elyse also highlighted a an important point when it came to creating exposure to tech and that’s “A career in tech means a career in ANYthing” I often find that the conversation behind diversity gets lost in translation on the messenger’s part because they can solely focus on the “getting into tech” part of the message when they could show tech interests within their audience’s life. The conference is a one-day conference so they will have us up bright and early to begin at 8am to 5pm then we will all be on our way back to wherever we came from. Not only will I be placed in an environment with HBCU students with a mutual interest in tech and music, but also with the staff of an app that I enjoy as well as head executives. I’ve learned all too well that the world is extremely small, so someone there knows someone that I need to meet, ranging from people my age and beyond. I’ll be making some binary tracks sets to prepare me for the trip as well as curate one while I’m there as I get a live feel for the vibe of my peers and the entire experience. Overall, ‘m ready for this new experience and all the gifts that will manifest from it. </beauty>