Ruby Red Kit: Tech Essentials for Every Millennial Woman

RingedSkinnyBluet-size_restricted (1).gif

<binary> Are you the type of girl that likes her Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Nails? Well, I’ve come back and curated  this kit as a guide to help you find your tech and lifestyle essentials in the legendary color known to always make a statement. Although, there are a few variations of the iconic color, it still goes to show that the majority wins when it comes to catering to the Rose-loving women. I’ve gathered all the products in one complete kit but I will also be making sub-kits separated into sub categories (i.e. beauty, travel, campus essentials, etc) and I’ll go into a bit more detail why I featured each product into the kits. As an advocate for beauty and brains, I’m also a huge believe in the rightful blend of fashion and function as it relates to technology. So after hours of research, I’m glad to present my binary beauty favorite in the beloved color: Ruby Red.

ALSO, if you can’t get enough Ruby, I’ve made a playlist to accompany this kit. You can listen to the sounds of the darlings, the show stoppers, and the vixens  on Spotify. Don’t forget to follow @BinaryBeauty on Spotify to get the latest #BinaryTracks and follow all your favorite #binarytracks playlists.

Which Ruby Red tech will you be picking up soon? What song should I add to the playlist? What color should I do next? Let me know using the #BBRubyRedKit on Twitter 
@MeganDeniece_, Instagram @BinaryBeauty, or in the Comments below!  </beauty>