Tech This Out: Pearl Automation’s ‘RearVision’

Feature Image by:  Pearl Automation

Feature Image by: Pearl Automation


I must confess: I’m first-world spoiled. I am a privilege to an extent and suffer from First World Problems like at least 75% of my fellow millennial peers. I came to this self-diagnosed reality on New Year’s day this year when my best friend asked if I would drive his car. Now, he has a 2012 Hyundai with basic features but I didn’t realize just how basic they really were until I got behind the wheel. Mind you, it’s dark outside and his windows are beyond tinted; so when I got in the driver’s seat and began to back out and realized I had no idea what was behind me nor did i trust my judgement at night. So I responsibly said, “Nah fam, you got this”

It had been years since I’d reversed a car without some sort of back-up aid yet alone had to manually turn on the front lights. Both my parents’ cars came with the basics of these features so that incident stuck with me. I couldn’t believe how the simplest of features can make such a huge difference, how much technology has spoiled us, and the reality that not everyone has such privileges.


Which leads me to why I think this week’s ‘Tech This Out’ is SO awesome and needed. Former Apple employees quit their jobs, created, and are launching their company Pearl Automation’s first product, RearVision. RearVision is an installable rear view camera that comes with a camera-installed license plate which then syncs to your phone and allows you to use your phone as you would with pre-installed camera back-up aid.  Although there are already some rear vision cameras on the market, Pearl’s features beat those on the market’s by a landslide. This alternative can even save new/used car buyers and less money since the average cost of manufacturer-installed systems start as low as $34,000.

Bryson Gardner, Chief Executive of Pearl Automation stated in an interview, “They [older car-owners] are able to extend the usefulness of their current car.” Products like RearVision give car buyers, especially Millennials, new options when inquiring the cost of buying or leasing a car as well as if the manufacturer-installed vehicles are worth the added cost.

They are currently taking pre-orders for the starting prices of $500 and they expect to start shipping in September. You can pre-order yours here.

Although I’ve practiced and can now function my friend’s car, if the money comes my way soon enough, I will definitely be sure to buy him the investment for Christmas. It’s the little things that can turn everything around and RearVision may be onto something BIG especially in the safety and auto technology industry.
Learn more about Pearl Automation here & RearVision here.