An Ode to Xavier Omar and The Everlasting Wave

Are you happy where you are?
— Motive Used to Be the Melody

<binary>  I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts and adoration on the one who is called Xavier Omar. But like all things that mean so much to me, I needed to take my time and make sure I knew what to say. Xavier Omar, formerly known as SPZRKT, came on my radar about a year ago when I discovered the magic of music that is Ta-Ku and Sango. Like all things that I truly love, I can never remember how I came across them. They just appear and I am beyond okay with that. The first track I heard by Xavier was on the collaborative track ‘Middle of the Things, Beautiful Wife‘ on Sango’s album ‘North’. I was mesmerized. I felt love in a time where love wasn’t even on my mind, but I knew I wanted to feel like the way his voice and Sango’s beat made me feel. I felt warmth and I needed warmth. After my moment of captive infatuation, I instantly swarmed to his Spotify page and went into a frenzy searching through more tracks that could feed this addiction I grew. I then found ‘Blind Man‘, and thus I knew that the audience I wanted to speak to was the woman he was singing to.

Your ambition won’t leave me alone
Tell me ’bout your dreams, tell me everything
Don’t nobody care about your heart like I do
Girl I’m down for you just the way that you’re down for me
Body like a queen
But it ain’t about your body baby it’s about your being
Beauty in your soul, girl a blind man could love you

What began as pure infatuation slowly melted into an oil canvas of deep affection, appreciation, healing, comfort, and security. I later found ‘Hipster Girl‘ and couldn’t believe how much I could see myself in the melody; the melody was truly the motive. Guilty as charged. It wasn’t until recently that I opened myself up to his music again and I was awakened by a keen sense of understanding. His words pierced through me with distinction, they connected dots within me. ‘Insecure’ became my self anthem for when I began to doubt myself in the face of envy amongst my best friend’s attention. ‘Grown Woman’ took my hand, spun me gracefully around with a friendly yet firm hand on the small of my back, and gave a slight tilt in the head letting me know, “I see you. Keep going.” Then The Everlasting Wave hit me like a tsunami and I couldn’t contain myself. Xavier Omar didn’t just sing to me like a pained lover, he sang to me like he was my very best friend. He was a champion for me to win. He lifted my chin and looked me in my eyes and with silent melodies could make it all better. Do Not Disturb and If This Is Love turned my outrage into blooming forgiveness; it humbled me to remember the lessons of timing in ‘Soon Enough‘. Xavier Omar reminds me of my own best friend and the great men who’ve played a pivotal part in my life. He saves me and makes my heart smile even when I think I can’t. Xavier Omar is my best friend, and at this time I need that. Instead of running for love, I am in a place of wanting friendship that is filled with love. as long as he’s got my back then I will always have his. </beauty>