My Week + Array of Links Vol. 03


“You are rising up! Distractions come to throw you off course. Dismiss them and proceed to be great!”

-My Godmother

<binary> Within the past three weeks, I have been ripping and running from city to city, conference to conference, and building up such a multitude of inspirational and motivation that my mind has yet to fully process and sort it all. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as a coincidence hen great things occur in your life in such dynamic waves that out of nowhere a ripple of bad energy will submerge and try to strip you of of your great vibes. This week was one of those times and I received a healthy dose of a reality check from those closest to mean also a reminder that my tribe of supporters will be taking NO BS from me because they are there for me; grounded and ready to lift, turn, carry, or push me in the direction that I need to be in. As a token of appreciation and growth, I wanted to share a few key lessons that I dug up (yeah, I had to dig deep this week) and I plan on expanding on in the near future.

  • You never realize that you may have a particular sore spot until you’re put in a particular circumstance that can trigger a not so fond memory and allow you to be in reaction-based state of shock.

  • Trust is everything. Trust doesn’t just lie in words, it is embedded in consistent action. Sometimes you need to sort out the balance between emotion (fear) and logic. Fear is a sneaky and manipulative SOB, but you have to be able to push through the cloud of smoke to find the truth.

  • Be selfish for you. Take your mind off others around you and ensure that you input three times as much of that same energy into yourself. I had to realize that I still have my youth as an advantage but my timer is nearing the counting down stage. Despite my recent accomplishments, I have so much more ahead and that’s exhilarating. I now remind myself that I have so much life to live and to make the most of it.

  • People are always listening. Not just verbal words, but from non-verbal communication. Your actions (and body language) speak loudly and you have to utilize that for your own good. People notice and recognize the character that you present online and offline. Those who honor what they see will lift you up, and those who can’t seem to do so, forget them. They don’t matter.

  • Take small, quiet moments of self-reflection to sit in humility. I honestly can’t explain the feeling of what’s like to do so. I do know that it’s nothing short of free-falling tears, soft smiles, and an intimate moment to say, “You did, girl!”

This week was a week of humility and thanks. I’m grounded in my reality of where I need to be, where I am going, the key people who matter, and how to let stupid sh*t go (both people and situations). My time, for now, is going towards falling in love with myself and next chapter of self-development. Oh, this is going to be one for the books and a hell of a story to tell when I’m done.