My Week + Array of Links Vol. 02


<binary> I can feel myself retreating back. My emotions are a bit all over the place at the moment; nothing major happened for me to feel this way at the moment. This week has been a good one, actually it was great in a few ways. It started off in the best ways: a crazy Saturday spent celebrating the birthday of a mutual friend which included me getting a little loose with self made adult lemonade (vodka and simply lemonade). My best friend and I enjoyed our night of being able to get a bit tipsy and forget about our realities for just a moment. On Sunday, I spent the day taking care of said friend as he recovered from his hangover (he went home and found himself engulfing 2 shots and 2 Smirnoffs); we ate bojangles, watched Zootopia, enjoyed the cuddle weather and napped like kindergartners. I released my Tech This Out on Snap, Inc’s latest launch: Spectacles and went to a panel discussion on black interns in Silicon Valley and learned more about Code2040 and the HBCU Apple Scholars program. The event as at North Carolina A&T State University and I left the event with a pep in my step and thrilled on what’s to come for me. Stay tuned for my recap on that event. Yesterday was spent packing for my upcoming trip to NYC and writing out my goals for the fall season. The remainder of the weekend will be spent having a binge watch party of Netflix’s new show Marvel’s Luke Cage and possibly heading out to my first ever Drive-In Movie. Overall, I’m in content spirits and enjoying the calm before the storm. Until next week, happy weekend and i love you.