Our Must-Watch Binge List for Streaming Netflix



Back in my freshman year of college, I found the most important treasure that any person could ever discover: how to entertain myself. When coming into an HBCU, to say it was a culture shock is a major understatement. I did not fit right into a crowd or find my “girlfriend circle” right away so for a majority of my experience, I stayed alone. They do mention to remind all the freshman that college is what you make of it. So, i did. I was in Freshman Class council as VP, I attended a invite-only dinner with the president, became Head Manager of the Women’s basketball team, and attendeda majority of all on-campus held festivities…alone.I was the queen of dipping in and out without being noticed, but I could definitely fill you in on most of went on. When I was finished with classes or left an event early, there was this grey area of time that I didn’t really know what to do with myself since everyone was either at the club, other’s rooms, or “college-ing” it up. So I tapped into the world of writing. The fling that I was associated with was a craftsman of words, so our text messages would lead to a tango and waltz dual of poetically phrased words from time to time. When we weren’t outwitting each other via text, he would mention a movie recommendation that i should check out. My roommate had the online movie plug, so I had access to new movies and Netflix to my leisure. From that moment on, I had found a new found love for film. I already had a love from independent films, I initially wanted to go to school for film to become a director. But the time i spent discovering new shows and movies put me on an entirely different level. When I took my initial break from school, I unintentionally stopped watching them as much. I let my siblings take reign on the access to Netflix (at that time only two people could watch at a time). But this past year, getting back into school kickstarted my hobby again. Which led me to share my favorite tv shows and movies that I’ve binged watched over the past year. WARNING: this list is intense, however I do believe that each and every one mentioned in this series plays a huge part on how I’ve developed my way of thinking and exposed me to an array of different perspectives that push me to want to relive in real life. So pull up your phone, tablet, and/or laptop, pop the popcorn and get ready to enjoy my  Binary Beauty Binge-Must Watch list.  To start it off, I’m gonna hit you hard with my Netflix faves. </binarybeauty>

(Listed in No particular order)