Our Must-Watch Binge List for Streaming HBO GO



Growing up as a kid, movies were my therapy, my escape, and the fuel for my extraordinary imagination. My parents are natural musicians, my dad played over 3 instruments and DJ’d while studying at University of Miami and my mom has been singing since she was 3 in her church choir. It was no surprise that a majority of my movies that my parents bought me were musicals or included great musical scores. My favorite movies were Disney movies; I loved them so much that I would literally watch the same movie back-to-day the entire day. A new day + a new movie= on repeat. The Muppets movies are classics to me, mainly The Great Muppet Caper. It wasn’t until I actually sat down to create these extensive lists for the Binary Beauty Binge that I realized how many movies I have watched and why it’s no surprise that I find movie watching so therapeutic. Film’s way of storytelling has a way of drawing you in and feeling as though you are home and at peace. Movies were my way of visually seeing stories the way I could vividly see the stories I loved to read. Now that I think about it, I just may add a Book edition to this series. But until then, here is my list of favorite tv shows and movies via HBO GO, which you can watch anywhere when you have a stand alone subscription to HBO or a subscription through your TV provider.