Will Childish Gambino Introduce Hip Hop to Virtual Reality?



My heart’s has been devastated since Childish Gambino removed himself from all social media platforms. Although it was abrupt, it wasn’t surprising; as a Gambino girl 4 ever, I was at least equipped to face this time of “the unknown” with 2 recent projects (Because the Internet + script + short films and STN MTN/Kauai)  as well as his early EPs, album, and mixtape to get me through it all. With every listen, there is always a new gem to be discovered leaving each project timeless. But after the release of BTI, I believe a portion of Gambino’s efforts are into creating an Experience for his fans future leaders.

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With his secretive, elaborate presentation and reveal of his new album experience, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that Gambino will or has greatly made efforts to incorporate Virtual Reality in his Joshua Tree Album experience for PHAROS. Yeah, Bjork ain’t the only one trying to catch on to the wave.

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Gambino has already tapped into it, just in sensory overload aspect. With BTI, he gave us two short films, the album itself, with an online screenplay cleverly worded to match it’s theme (becausetheinter.NET) which was embedded with the albums tracklist audio and muted video visuals. Utilizing every tool given, I could literally envision and see myself there entirely.  What other project can you find something so similar?

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With the launch of the PHAROS app experience in June, and just weeks away from his concert, all theories are possible on what to expect from Gambino. It only makes sense that he’d tap ni VR due to his constant push for his fans to learn code and opening their eyes to how technology is utilized in our generation, plus cell phones are mandatory to attend which is only interesting because how often do we attend anything without our phone?  So the question that I pose is: What else can Gambino do that he already hasn’t done? For his Deep Web tour, fans accessed his DWT interactive app. So I’m thinking that maybe VR machines that you use with phones could be used to experience the album while using the app. 

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Hip Hop and Technology go hand in hand since it’s very birth and Gambino is our generation’s pioneer in reminding us to tap into those roots and continue to create. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. All bets are on PHAROS VR Album experience.

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Have you witnessed the BTI experience yet? What is your theory on what will Gambino do and present PHAROS? Let me know on Twitter @MeganDeniece_  and @BinaryBeautyco