Binary Tracks: Our Summer Madness Playlist



Starting today, I’ll be delivering a playlist twice a week of 10-11 must-listen songs (totaling to 20-22) to get you through your week. Whether you need some tracks to code to, sing along while getting dressed, or choreograph the hottest dance moves while in the co-pilot seat, these playlists will be curated and inspired by my day-to-day discoveries, nostalgia, and current aesthetics. To kick it off, I’ve compiled this week’s first segment of songs as an ode to the summer, as it is slowly coming to an end. An ode to when the day lasts longer and her carefree spirit is ignited with the sun. So while you get the best of your sun-kissed tanning sessions or coding by the beach to get your hour of code in with the sun,  I want to welcome you to Binary Tracks.

And it goes a little something like this…