A Change in Heart: Reflections from my Time in Israel


“I didn’t look the same. Who is this young woman? It certainly is not I.

Who is this young woman who’s heart as been changed”

Before coming to Israel, I constantly heard of the same remarks,

“When you go, you will certainly not come back the same way you went.”

What do people even mean by that? It’s as though you are to expect this great awakening to take place; slowly, a light shines down on you and it is then, in that very moment, you know you’ve been changed for the better. I honestly can not imagine how being in this place can have someone change for the worst. I presume it could happen if they were to experience the same place for an extended period of time, but even then that sounds ludicrous as the letters swiftly flow from my keyboard. In just a matter of approximately 10 days, I have found a feeling of joy and hope exuding from my very being. I am excited yet not frightful of the changes that have been made in my heart as well as my mind as I try not to let the countdown of going back to America take over me. How does it feel to seemingly glance at a photo taken on your very first day in the Promised Land, and you can’t seem to recognize the individual in the photo. You feel off yet glad that they’re unrecognizable. You experience firsthand that change is good, because you didn’t feel the abrupt shift that it’s made on your life,but rather just a feeling.

A feeling as the soothing as the soft breeze that blows all around you when sailing on the Sea of Galilee. A feeling as soft as the stones that your two hands and forehead rest on as you weep and praise your Father at the Western Wall. A feeling of joy when you’ve seen the joy in those around you’s heart as you feast on Shabbat and feeling like you’re truly meeting them for the very first time. A feeling of love that surrounds you and makes you want to never go back to the life and troubles that (will be put to rest) at home in the States. It’s a feeling of trust that you never realized you’d have because it’s normal to constantly be worried about what’s next rather than experiencing the joy of the moment in front you and those around. But most importantly, a it’s a sensed feeling of Security… to know that you are truly in the land and hands of your Heavenly Father and his chosen people, and that you truly don’t have to worry about harm coming your way because you are covered.

I have experienced a change in my heart because I heard my father say,

“Your heart has been touched.”

Can you imagine such an anointing? To not understand why you cry out and ask for Healing in advance but cannot wait to see that testimony come to life due to your declaration. This freedom I have found is like none other and all I can do is cry and say Thank You. To be humbled in the brief moments where realization dawns that you may be walking the very paths, roads, and grounded dirt that the biblical heroes of your childhood set foot on. Who am I to walk in the very land God sent Moses to set his people free in? To know I serve a God who does not lie and keeps all the promises he makes to his children? Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a child a God who’s heart has been touched and experience a change that comes rare. I am a new servant ready to share all that there is to share of what my Father is about to do in my life. I am a light that will shine and give the glory to the very one who created such a light.

I am Great. I am Mégan. I am Changed.

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